IGO Indiemount


Lensaloft Las Vegas 

#2 Stills Sample - Lensaloft, Melbourne Australia: This stills sample by Andrew Griffiths of Lensaloft shows the use of much slower shutter speeds attainable for shooting stills using the IGO Indiemount from a helicopter.

"The Indiemount was superb. I own several commercially available side mounts and this one creams the lot. I'm still buzzing from that flight!

The engineering and machine work that went into this thing is nothing short of outstanding as was proven during our flight in which we each had a chance to operate it with our own cameras. The gimbal is butter smooth and allows ultra smooth movement through the pan. I was able to shoot at shutter speeds unheard of whilst doing 30+ knots... outstanding considering we were in a fully loaded R44!

It's going to be a big hit back home in Australia. I know a lot of operators have been dying for a game changer like this!" - Andrew Griffiths www.lensaloft.com.au

IGO Indiemount - "The Mount With The Nimble Gimbal"


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