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low profile tilt

Low Profile Kit: The new custom low profile kit is now available by pre-paid order via PayPal. Components are custom machined per order received with a lead time of 2 weeks. Shipping charges will be invoiced separately at time of shipment.

This tilt unit is 2.3" lower than using the 3D head unit and has a tilt range of 60 degrees forward & back. There is also a shorter bottom gyro mount plate post which can be swapped out easily in the field. The post will be 1.75" shorter in length and include thin washers to allow for proper orientation of the gyro mount plate. In addition, there is a short style gyro mount plate which replaces the standard gyro mount plate for a height reduction of 1.125". Combined, these components should yield 5.125" shorter gimbal height where door frame clearances may be an issue.

  1. Low Profile Tilt 60 Unit
  2. Short Profile Gyro Plate Post
  3. Short Style Gyro Mount Plate
  4. GPP Orientation Shims

All components custom machined.

$975.00 + S&H



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